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Liquid De-Icing Services

Clearing the snow from your properties is only part of the process. The most critical part of ensuring a safe an accessible property is in the control of ice build up on driving, parking, and walking areas.

We deploy a state of the art liquid de-icing application system on our service trucks. This is the same technology being implemented by State and Local government departments to pre-treat highways before storms, and to De-ice afterward.

We are one of the first to bring this method to the local contractor market in Frederick County!


We use a combination of salt, magnesium, and calcium blended into a liquid that achieves outstanding ice melting results at temperatures of 0-Degrees F., while doing so with 1/3 the salt content when compared to application of solid rock salt.

Liquid De-icing is more environmentally friendly with lower salt content entering stormwater systems and reduces corrosion of infrastructure around your property.

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